Our goal is to deliver you a beautifully designed modern home that offers low carbon living without compromise, that is bright and airy, warm and efficient and that can generate a surplus of renewable energy.

Typical Features

  • Timber construction using an off-site timber panel system (using sustainably sourced timber)
  • Highly insulated using plant-based materials
  • Orientated to make best use of solar energy
  • Airtight construction with natural ventilation and heat recovery
  • High performance, large area windows to maximise daylight
  • Photovoltaic tiled roofs or panels to generate electricity
  • Intelligent battery storage management
  • Electric car charging point
  • Excess electrical generation sold to the grid
  • Roof mounted solar thermal collectors for generating hot water
  • Heating balance supplied from low carbon sources (based on optimal renewable resource availability on-site)
  • LED lighting
  • Water efficient appliances
  • Smart house technologies to control internal systems
  • Enhanced biodiversity gardens
  • Allowable offsite solutions as a form of carbon offsetting

What we do


Our team carry out feasibility research before any spend to ensure you keep your costs low and that your move runs smoothly both logistically and timewise.


Our architects work with you to design your perfect Prospus Home. This design works to your individual accommodation and budgetary requirements.


Our planning experts obtain planning permission for your home to be built on your chosen site.


We develop the technical design of your Prospus Home with our offsite manufacturing partner using the latest in innovation and design technology.

Fixtures & Fittings

We work together with you to choose the perfect fixtures and fittings for your home to suit your lifestyle and personality.


Our expert team will design and tender the groundworks and site preparation phase of your project using local contractors.

Project Management

We project manage all of the site preparation works ensuring everything is ready for the delivery of the offsite manufactured elements of your new Prospus Home.


Once your new home is delivered, we will project manage the external fabric and site completion works - this includes any external house finishes that are part of the design and that can't be produced offsite, i.e. dry-stone walling.

Zero Carbon Certification

We obtain certification from an independent body confirming the carbon status of your new home.

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